The brands with the greatest commercial success, are those that have managed to differentiate themselves.


They enjoy a dominant position in the market.


They are able to sell 15-20% higher than the competition without resorting to offers and price discounts.


They can withstand fluctuations in the economy.

Is your brand differentiated enough?

Even though the element of differentiation is an aspect which is least looked at in a brand, it is nevertheless by far the most important element.

δifferentiate specialises in the design and implementation of a differentiated strategic brand.

δifferentiated strategy

We shape the brand strategy which in turn forms the appropriate differentiated perception of value in the consumer’s mind.

δifferentiated methodology

We ensure that with the methodology  δifferentiated brand stewardship the marketing resources are invested systematically and effectively towards the enhancement of a differented perception (brand essence) resulting in a continuous strenthening of business.

What we aim to achieve with all the above?

To form ties between the brand and the consumers so that the  business is built on solid foundations and that the brand gathers the characteristics needed in order to evolve into a differentiated brand:

  • The body of their communication and baseline remain unchanged over time.
  • The communication attitude is governed by truth / honesty that strengthens the consumer’s trust and ties with the brand.
  • The brand enjoys a dominant position in the market.
  • The brand sells 15-20% higher than the competition without resorting to offers and price discounts.

Our team

Vankelis Georgiades

Brand strategist

Gerasimos Neofitos

Creative evaluator

Stathis Georgiades 

Brand strategist & brand steward specialist

Konstantinos Fotopoulos 

Project manager

Iliana Georgiades 

Conceptual designer

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